The Case for Eric Ebron Part 2: Film Review

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Ability at the Line of Scrimmage

One of Eric Ebron’s strengths is his ability to win at the line of scrimmage. There have already been videos in this article showing off his explosive stem that challenges defensive backs when they play off coverage. This is a vital part of being effective against off (which Ebron will mostly see when lined up inline and in the slot), the first step has to be explosive and force the defensive back to respect the deep threat. He also had to line up outside and in the slot against press coverage. Usually rookies struggle verse press coverages because of the technical efficiency of the NFL’s defensive backs. However, Ebron’s insane athleticism and size allows him to be very successful when defensive backs try to press him.

LOS Separation

This is one of my favorite plays from Ebron last year because it is the complete package. The Packers line up a smaller DB in press coverage vs Ebron, Ebron fakes hard outside with his first step and then explodes inside to gain instant separation. He does a great job of batting away the defenders hands making his attempt to press and slow down his route hopeless. He breaks inside and extends his frame to make the catch and secure the ball. The defender was chasing the entire play and never really has a chance to make a play.

LOS Separation 2

At first it seems that the defender has the upper hand on this play, he stalls Ebron when he tries to run outside. He then gets good hand positioning on the defender and stalls his feet to set the defender up for a violent rip move. He dips around the defender and bursts up field. Again the defender is completely lost at the line of scrimmage and is forced to chase Ebron down the field. This is another play where Stafford makes the improper read, instead of targeting the wide open Ebron streaking down the field he tested Ross in single coverage on the outside. Ross did not come down with the ball (like normally) and Stafford again wasted a potential big play.

Ebron is successful because of his combination of quickness and strength combined with his massive frame. He has a reach advantage against almost any player covering him and its very hard for a defender to get a hand on him in press. If he does, Ebron has the strength to run through jams and has shown some very good hand technique swatting away most attempts once they make contact. He also has the ability to win with quickness, he has very good burst and has shown the ability to separate from defensive backs with a fake step followed by an explosive first step into his stem. He has the versatility to win a number of different ways and its usually not a good idea to try to cover him in press coverage.

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