Behind Enemy Lines: NFC North fan’s share their point of view

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A few weeks ago we took a look at the NFC North through the eye’s of the writer. As much fun as that was, I couldn’t help but notice the passionate responses in the comment section by the fans.

It got me to thinking. What is it like to be a fan of the other teams within the NFC North? Why do these men and women love their teams as much as I love mine? I had to get results. So I went to the one place where passionate fans go to do their smack talk and show off the love they have for their team, Facebook.

Dec 21, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Minnesota Vikings fans in the second quarter of the game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

There was no doubt in my mind that I would find the fans that I was looking for. Facebook is full of NFC North groups and pages that are full to the brim with true fans. It wasn’t easy, but I narrowed it down to four. Let’s meet them.

50. . Lions Fan. . James Dunny. 1. player

Stephen Coleman. 2. player. 57. . Bears Fan.

60. . Vikings Fan. . Ali Siddiqui. 3. player

. Packers Fan. . Kyle Engman. 4. player. 49

Without further ado, lets see what these true fans have to say about their team and the other teams in the NFC North.

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