Meet the Detroit Lions Coaching Staff; Tipping the Scales in 2015

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2015 Detroit Lions Coaching Staff – Defense

Defensive Coordinator, Teryl Austin If you didn’t know the name Teryl Austin prior to the 2014 season, don’t worry — you were likely not alone. If you don’t name the name Teryl Austin following the 2014 season, then I’m sorry but you’re obviously living under a rock.

Austin took a sub par defense, that was loaded with talent, and turned them into the second best unit in the league. His impact on the Lions defense definitely did not go unnoticed in NFL circles either, as Austin was highly touted as a head coaching candidate during the offseason.

In the end, Austin returns to Detroit (although we cannot be certain for how long) and has his work cut out for him so to speak this season. The Lions defense seen its fair share of turnover from 2014 to 2015, but if there is anyone out there who can smooth this transition, it’s Austin.

"“Let me tell you what jumps out to me about him,” coach Jim Caldwell said recently. “First of all, oftentimes you’ll find coaches who have an expertise in certain areas. Like his, with the secondary. So they become extremely proficient in that area, and maybe they’re able to master one more — linebackers or whatever it might be. “(But) this guy knows every … single … position on the field, inside-out, from the defensive line to the deep safety. He can teach it, and direct it, and communicate it, and direct it exceptionally (well).”"

Defensive Line Coach, Jim Washburn There are a lot of mixed opinions on Jim Washburn around the NFL. From Washburn’s time in Tennessee with former head coach Jim Schwartz, to his time spent in Philadelphia where he called former Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, “Juanita” — Washburn has always been involved with controversy.

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Even called a “cancer” by one coach in the past.

Much of what you just read can be considered hearsay in my opinion, despite the reputable sources.

What should be focused on is the fact that Washburn is back on the Detroit Lions sideline following a brief leave of absence due to medical concerns recently.

He’ll also have his work cut out for him in 2015, as the defensive line has seen a major overhaul. 15 plus years of experience should help.

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