The four biggest obstacles the Detroit Lions must get over in 2015

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If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, then you’ve heard it all from your peers over the years. The Detroit Lions have been a part of one of the league’s most well know narrative. That narrative of course being the Same Old Lions mantra.

While for the most part, that narrative couldn’t be more incorrect, there are still small grains of truth involved. The Lions have been hard at work to shed this narrative ever since the Matt Millen era ended in 2008. They have changed many things about the culture of the franchise and have broken through some of the walls that have been put up over the years.

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For example, the Lions had not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Greg Landry in 1971. In 2014 the Lions finally got over that obstacle when Matthew Stafford was invited to the Pro Bow and won the games offensive MVP award.

But nevertheless, there are still many obstacles the Lions have yet to overcome. Today I would like to talk about the four  biggest obstacles the Lions must overcome in 2015

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