2015 Fantasy Football Power Rankings 1.0: Top 20 Quarterbacks

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There is no shortage of Fantasy Football Power Rankings available for all of us in this day in age. In fact, there is almost an information overload when it comes to data and analysis each and every year.

Fantasy sports are growing at a rapid rate, not just as a hobby — but also as a business.

Don’t believe me?

Look up Daily Fantasy Sports.

DFS is an exploding subset of the fantasy sports world that is gaining traction because of its rapid-fire play, near instant gratification, simple rules, and, of course, the ability to win real money.

“Everything has happened way, way faster than I thought it would.” – DraftKings CEO Jason Robins on the rise of the industry in which his own company has gone from not existing two and a half years ago to estimating it will pay out $100 million during this football season.

As millions of dollars from venture capitalists are surging into the industry, FanDuel and DraftKings, the two biggest players in the industry, are locked in a battle for dominance and spending massive amounts on customer acquisition, marketing, and advertising.

And of course, there is still the traditional fantasy football leagues out there as well. Whether you’re playing on ESPN, NFL.com, Yahoo! or many of the other fantasy sports hosts, competition is tough. Hell, it’s even tough in the advice business.

Scoring: These rankings are based on standard scoring (one point per 25 passing yards and per 10 rushing/receiving yards and four points per passing touchdown and six points per rushing/receiving touchdown) and are for the 2015 NFL season only.

There are more podcast and fantasy football “guru’s” than ever before, all of which claim to have all the secrets and tips to help you win you’re league. However, the truth is, it’s all just opinion. We can look at trends, results from years prior and numbers upon numbers, but in the end there is no real way to know exactly what to expect.

With that in mind, we here at SideLion Report are no different from the rest. And we’re also here to offer our opinion as well. So sit back, study up and prepare yourself for that championship run in 2015 — starting with our SLR Fantasy Football Power Rankings.

Today, we’re covering the quarterbacks.

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