The Detroit Lions and The Eric Ebron Narrative

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How Ebron Stacks up

Sep 14, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron (85) makes a catch in the third quarter.

I’m certainly not saying that Eric Ebron is a success or will become one. But at the end of the day, he really is no different than your run of the mill rookie.

"For Every Odell Beckham, there are 13 Eric Ebrons"

What I’m saying there is more often than not, players struggle in their rookie year. Especially at a position like tight end. It’s commonly thought of as a developmental piece of the puzzle. Most will struggle in year one, then immediately begin to come on in year two. Here are the rookie year stats of every starting tight end in the NFL.

Team Player Receptions Receving Yards Touchdowns
Lions Eric Ebron 25 248 1
Falcons Jacob Tamme 3 12 0
Ravens Dennis Ptta 1 1 0
Bills Charles Clay 16 233 3
Bengals Tyler Eifert 39 445 2
Browns Gary Barnridge 12 242 0
Broncos Owen Daniels 34 352 5
Texans CJ Fiedorowicz 4 28 1
Colts Dwayne Allen 45 521 3
Jaguars Julius Thomas 1 5 0
Cheifs Travis Kelce 67 862 5
Dolphins Jordan Cameron 6 33 0
Patriots Rob Gronkowski 42 546 10
Jets Jeff Cumberland 1 3 0
Raiders Mychal Rivera 38 407 4
Steelers Heath Miller 39 459 6
Chargers Antonio Gates 24 389 2
Titans Delanie Walker 2 30 0
Cardinals Troy Niklas 3 38 0
Bears Martellus Bennet 20 283 2
Cowboys Jason Witten 35 347 1
Packers Andrew Quarless 21 238 1
Vikings Kyley Rudolph 26 249 3
Saints Josh Hill 6 44 1
Giants Larry Donnell 3 31 0
49ers Vernon Davis 20 265 3
Eagles Zach Ertz 36 469 4
Seahawks Jimmy Graham 31 356 5
Rams Jarred Cook 9 74 0
Buccaneers Seferian-Jenkins 21 221 1
Redskins Jordan Reed 45 499 3

As you can see, Ebron is pretty much in line with most tight ends in the NFL. This is not to say that he is as good or better than anyone on this list, it’s simply to say that one year isn’t it. You can’t have a delicious steak without having raw meat first, you have to prepare  it.

Maybe your mind is made up already when it comes to Ebron. You’re going to dislike him no matter what. By all means I invite you to do that. But when you’re standing in front of the TV waiting for Ebron to make a mistake so you can say I told you so, you won’t be alone. There will likely be an article or a tweet right there to fuel your fire.

What do you think? Is Ebron a bust after one year? Or does the media want you to think that? Leave your comments below and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SideLionReport and @Lionmike26 for all your Lions news and original content.