Detroit Lions All Time Best: Top Five Quarterbacks (video)

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No other position reflects the Detroit Lions dubious franchise history better than the quarterback.

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  • Just like the team, the list of the franchises best quarterbacks of all time is filled with signal callers who have performed well throughout the season only to fall short when the spotlight is the brightest.

    The list spans all eras of Lions football featuring quarterbacks who will forever be revered and others whose small contributions made an indelible impact on the history of the franchise.

    Honorable Mentions

    Eric Hipple and Gary Danielson traded off playing starting quarterback in the 1980’s.  If the two could magically transform into one player then they would be worthy of being #5 on this list. But barring some miracle of science the two will have to be happy with an honorable mention.

    Bill Munson had some decent seasons as the Lions signal caller in the 70’s but Eric Kramer edges him out for the #5 spot by virtue of his playoff win against the Dallas Cowboys.

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