2015 Detroit Lions Roster Analysis: Wide Receivers

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Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

No. 15 Golden Tate

Looking ahead to 2015 – Truthfully, the hope is that the offense doesn’t have to rely on Tate so heavily in 2015 if a healthy Calvin Johnson is in the line up and second-year tight end Eric Ebron is able to improve his game.

Tate did a bang-up job in 2014, ranking sixth in the league in total catches (99), seventh in receiving yards (1,331), and third in yards after the catch (691), but chances are we won’t see numbers quite that high again in 2015. If we do, that means the team is likely unhealthy to an extent.

With that in mind, I do expect a regression of sorts from Tate this year — although not too drastic.

I think his YAC will remain among the best in the league, as that is his bread and butter, but I do look for his total receiving yards to drop back down to somewhere around the 1,000-yard mark as well as his catches to around 70.

Remember, this is not a knock on the young mans talent, but rather a hope that the football will be distributed amongst some other playmakers as well.

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