SLR Hot Routes: A Look Back at the Detroit Lions (VIDEO)

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For this week’s edition of SLR Hot Routes, we here at SideLion Report decided to get together and take a trip down memory lane. We’ll revisit some of our fondest memories of Lions past, as well as some of our not-so fondest and talk about why we became Detroit Lions fans in the first place.

So sit back, relax and join us on this Thursday throwback as we relive the good, the bad, and everything in between.


1. What originally made you take notice and become a fan of the Detroit Lions?

Editor, Nate Williams – I first took notice of the Detroit Lions in 1997 at the age of 10. By 1999 I was a full-fledged, die hard. I was fascinated by Barry Sanders and his unique running style. From 99′ on I’ve missed only a small handful of games.

Editor, Mike Payton – My love of the Lions comes from my family. Gathering around the TV for the game on Thanksgiving day will always be a fond memory for me. My Step Dad took me to my first game during the 1998 season and I got to see Barry Sanders play in his final season. I’ve been hooked my entire life.

Editor, Tony Fischer – The 9-7 1980 season. I was 8 years old and Billy Sims was leading the Lions on a run to the playoffs. Of course they finished 9-7 and miss the playoffs, but Spider Man Allen and “Another One Bites The Dust” still rings in my head. I have had the Honolulu Blue and Silver sickness every year since.

Staff Writer, Kent Platte – My introduction to football was like most Lions fans, Thanksgiving time. I remember watching games with my grandfather, who would cuss every time the Lions scored or gave up a score, pretty much any time the score board changed. Also like most Lions fans, my real love of the sport and the team were sparked by a little guy named Barry.

Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Staff Writer, Max DeMara – My dad was always a fan. He’d watch football and was always partial to the Lions growing up around here, so I took an interest in them thanks to that. Plus, it was always a big family tradition to watch the game on Thanksgiving and have dinner on his side. From that point on, I got hooked.

Staff Writer, Braden Shackelford – Living in Oklahoma, my family is huge Oklahoma State fans. My mom went to OSU when Barry Sanders did so naturally that was her favorite player. Saturday’s were spent watching OSU football with my mom and grandparents. When we weren’t watching OSU football live, my grandpa and I were watching all of the Barry Sanders games he had recorded on VHS. It was really cool watching his OSU cutups and then getting the privilege of seeing him play on Sunday live–even if I didn’t get to see very much of him on a yearly basis. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. The food was great, the house was packed full of family, and I was guaranteed to see Barry and the Lions.

Staff Writer, Bruce McCoyI grew up in West Michigan and the Lions are always on TV. Naturally, I rooted for the Lions. Of course, Barry Sanders being on TV helps a lot.

Staff Writer, Darin Ackerman – For me it was a family thing.  Lions games have always been a way for me and my dad to spend time together from the time I was very young.  I don’t remember exactly when I watched my first game, but I do recall drawing pictures of Freddie Scott.

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