Detroit Lions Christmas Gift Guide

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Detroit Lions Laser-Engraved Boots – Brown – $167.99

We all know that sinking feeling when you give a gift to a loved one only to discover they already own it. But that’s not a problem with this here gift because never has there been a more perfect combination of “doesn’t already have it” and “totally wants it”, you can be confident of that.

These Detroit Lions Laser-Engraved Boots are a must-wear to every game at Ford Field — unless maybe they’re playing the actual Cowboys.

The logo and team name are engraved in the authentic style of the old-west – with a laser – and the NFL shield on the bottom of the sole will have them ready to walk all over someone — just like Roger Goodell does it!

You’ll have them singing O Come All Yee-haw Faithful from the second they open the package.