Detroit Lions Roster Prediction: Training Camp Edition

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Using a lot of the information coming out of training camp practices, here’s my second guess at which 53 guys will make up the Detroit Lions roster.

While I haven’t been able to make it down for training camp yet this year, SideLion Report definitely has you covered. Both Kent Platte and Max DeMara have attended and won’t disappoint with their training camp notes. Make sure to keep your eyes out for more notes throughout training camp.

Detroit Lions Roster Prediction


  1. Matthew Stafford
  2. Dan Orlovsky

In my last prediction I thought the Lions would keep a third quarterback on the roster, but with valuable spots up for grabs it seems like an extra wide receiver or defensive lineman would be a wiser use of a roster spot.

It also doesn’t help that neither Kellen Moore nor James Franklin have taken the reigns of the job. Here are a few notes from Kent Platte’s visit to training camp on last Friday:

"– Moore has reverted back to his elongated throwing motion from his rookie days. His throws lacked any kind of velocity and although he’s reading his progressions fine, the ball just doesn’t get there quick enough. – The 4th man in the QB rotation isn’t going to move from that spot.  His arm is unimpressive and his field awareness is awful.  Almost every play saw him missing a wide open receiver (Mostly Broyles) and scrambling while staring someone down."