A dream 2014 draft for the Detroit Lions


Apr 26, 2013; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions first round draft pick Ezekiel Ansah (second from right) poses for a photo with president Tom Lewand (left), general manager Martin Mayhew (second from left) and head coach Jim Schwartz (right) during a press conference at the Lions Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has outsmarted itself this time. If they hadn’t extended pushed out the draft by a couple weeks, we’d be inside the one month mark. That’s when the real fun starts, and the clubs slip into their cloak and dagger modes and start spreading false rumors about draft picks. The draft, however, is six weeks away, and the fact that it’s in the month of May makes it seem like it’s still months away. There’s no real excitement or buzz happening right now concerning the draft. They should have left the draft dates alone.

It’s safe to say that the Detroit Lions had one of the best drafts in the league last year, certainly one of the club’s best in recent memory. It yielded starters Ziggy Ansah, Larry Warford, Sam Martin and LaAdrian Waddle; not to mention promising possible future starters in Darius Slay and Joseph Fauria. To keep the draft alive and kicking, I’m going to close my eyes and dream up the perfect follow up draft to last year’s gem.

In my dream scenario, the general managers drafting in the top ten fall in love with the big three quarterbacks, and Derek Carr shoots into the picture, making it four QBs going in the top ten. Mix in three offensive tackles along with Sammy Watkins and a surprise or two, and guess who’s sitting there for the Lions at ten?

1. Khalil Mack: Linebacker, Buffalo. He would be the heart this defense lacks. A sure-handed tackling machine who can blitz and cover tight ends. He would be the Lions defensive leader for the next decade.

Here are six more picks that would make for a dream haul for the Lions with their remaining picks, whatever round they may actually come off the board:

2. Ed Reynolds: Safety, Stanford. I don’t care how many safeties the Lions sign in the off season, they need to develop a young turk at that position badly. On the lanky side and 6’2″, and very fluid in coverage. He hits hard, and is a force in the run game.

3. Davante Adams: Wide Receiver, Fresno State. Golden Tate seems like he would be the perfect slot receiver, so I have the Lions going for a big receiver in the third round. He’s 6’2″ and has great hand-eye coordination, and runs a 4.56. I don’t think the Lions are done at this position by any stretch.

4. Weston Richburg: Center, Colorado St. For some reason, I keep having his name pop into my head. It’s no secret that the Lions would like to draft the center of the future while Dominic Raiola is still on the team to pass the baton. A durable and smart 300 pounder who can reach the second level and handle the big behemoths at nose tackle. We would be developing a dominant running game with this pick.

5. Louchiez Purifoy: Cornerback, Florida. I think Martin Mayhew thinks the Corner situation is in better hands than we think it is, but he’s still going to draft one anyway. He’s 6 foot tall and runs a 4.47 with the ideal makeup to be a NFL press corner. He’s a little raw, but has a rep as a playmaker.

6. Ego Ferguson: Defensive tackle LSU. The Lions have been blessed that Ndumakong Suh hardly ever misses playing time. They have been recycling the same old tackles for years now, as backups, and it’s about time they got some young blood in there. He has the length the Lions are now looking for in their DL’s.

7. Cody Latimer: Wide receiver, Indiana. Another big body at 6’2″, and 215 lbs, who has a chance to make big plays.