NFL Power Rankings Week 9: The Bengals Have Arrived

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Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s NFL power rankings are a little short on major movements, after a week of NFL action short on upsets and surprises.

There is a newcomer to the top eight, though it’s a team that made its case last week and reinforced it beyond debate when they dismantled the Jets by 40. There is also a new team at the bottom of the rankings, because when teams can’t win, you gauge them on the overall strength of the organization, and that competition isn’t close.

The league is starting to divide into clearer tiers of talent, but there’s still half the season to go, and plenty of time for collapses/improbable runs.

As we learned this week, even 50 seconds is enough for an improbable run/collapse.

Just ask Calvin Johnson, who posted more receiving yards on Sunday than Dwayne Bowe (and about 300 other NFL players) has in all eight of his games combined.

That doesn’t have much to do with the rankings, it’s just interesting. Anyway, please enjoy trashing the NFL’s new worst team.

Whoopie Cushion drumroll, please…