7 Detroit Lions players and the shows they should host


Earlier this week former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan was picked to be Regis Philbin’s permanent replacement on “Live!” Strahan beat out many other famous people who would have made good co-hosts, alongside current host Kelly Ripa, including Seth Meyers and Josh Groban, according to the LA Times. The show will begin airing on Sept. 4.

The recent trend of seeing NFL players in television shows completely unrelated to football have spiked in the past couple of years. We’ve had players like Donald Driver and Hines Ward appear on “Dancing With The Stars, ” which is a show that is great for athletes like football players to compete on, but clearly co-hosting a show like “Live!” is something unheard of for athletes.

With that being said, I would like to present you with my list of current Detroit Lions who deserve to host or co-host televisions shows and the reasons why they would be a great fit on the show.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers co-starring… Jeff Backus

Technically, Jeff Backus is old enough to be a grandfather, albeit, in some kind of sick and twisted way. Thank God he isn’t. However, because he is 100-years-old in NFL time, this show is just a perfect fit for him.

The Price Is Right hosted by… Matthew Stafford

This just makes sense. Stafford signed his rookie contract in 2009 and drove to Michigan from Georgia in his old beater SUV that he had throughout college. Usually rookies have a car loan before they take their first snap in practice, but Stafford stayed frugal.

The Office co-starring… Kyle Vanden Bosch

Unlike Michael Scott, when KVB walks onto the practice field or the game field, he is entirely about getting business done at an intense level. I am almost positive Vanden Bosch would have ripped off Robert California’s head last season.

Last Call With Carson Daly guest-hosted by… Jahvid Best

The last show you watch before you go to bed at night with a name perfect for Best’s current health issue. Will he ever play again because of concussions? To be determined…

60 Minutes hosted by… Calvin Johnson

Johnson may not be able to read a teleprompter and tell the news to the masses, but he sure can play for 60 minutes without taking any plays off and it shows. Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, Johnson recorded five catches for 111 yards and a touchdown while only playing 30 minutes.

Up All Night co-starring… Titus Young

“Up All Night” is a fairly new sitcom based on new parents trying not to screw up their newborn’s livfe while simultaneously maintaining a presence in their social circles. Young is a new father as of two weeks ago and he will find out this year that dealing with a child is going to force him to tighten up his life at home, in the meeting rooms and on the field.

Cougar Town co-starring… Shaun Hill

Hill is a perfect fit for the “cul-de-sac crew.” He has a pudgy, beer belly-like stomach that indicates he likes adult beverages and, most importantly, have you seen his wife? Smoking hot!