Detroit Lions Rookie CB Bill Bentley Looks Like the Real Deal


The best thing about preseason games is that you can take the good stuff that happened and walk away feeling better about that situation, and then totally disregard the bad stuff because it’s only a meaningless preseason game. I definitely came away impressed with the Detroit Lions third round selection cornerback Bill Bentley. Can you say “Hello starting corner”?

Bentley started the game on a sour note when he let a Cleveland receiver get past him and catch the best ball Brandon Weeden threw all game, but he redeemed himself when he stole a ball from a Browns receiver for his first interception in the bigs.

That play showed the athleticism that I’ve been hearing about concerning Bentley in training camp. Bentley also was stunned to find the ball hitting him in the chest on another play that should have been a pick six. Hey, he’s a rookie, and like I said I’m only looking at the positive in preseason games, but the negative? Who cares? It’s just a real intense practice with another team. They have time to work on those things.

I know it’s just our third stringers against their third stringers, but I came away from the game feeling better about the running back situation. I still haven’t any idea what Mikel Leshoure looks like in a Lions uniform, and I seriously think Jahvid Best’s career might be over. Does anyone else get the feeling that every single report on Best’s health goes straight to the desk of Roger Goodell personally?

I like the combination of Kevin Smith, Joique Bell and Keiland Williams. Smith is limited, but uses every ounce of his body to get the most out of his talents. Bell and Williams are the kind of backs that can get that third and one when we need to run the ball. We just might have a running game this year. It’s hard for me to judge Offensive linemen, but Riley Reiff looked like the left tackle of the future.

The only time I cringed the whole game is when that Browns lineman was diving at Matthew Stafford’s knees on that interception. The interception looked like Pettigrew turned the wrong way on a route and can be corrected, but Stafford needs to be protected a little better than that.

The thing that stood out to me is that the two strongest position groups on the team, Defensive line and Wide Receivers, are stronger than we thought. Coach Schwartz is going to have a tough time making cuts at those two spots. Everette Brown made a strong case for himself with his performance Friday night, his name was constantly being called. Willie Young looked like the breakout player we’ve been hearing about all camp. I would love to see him slowly take the starting job away from Kyle Vanden Bosch. Maurice Stovall looks solid in his second year here, and looks like the guy who is going to get that coveted last receiver spot on the roster. He’s already a special teams demon.

You just knew no matter what happened Friday night Coach Schwartz was going to be in a grumpy mood after the game. As a fan it’s my prerogative to look at the bright side of things, but as Head Coach, it’s Schwartz’s job to rip into those guys for the slightest little thing, because these games matter, kinda.