Green Bay Packers Outshoot the Detroit Lions


Yes, the Lions defense was horrid yesterday. They still weren’t as bad as the officials who blew numerous calls that seemed to benefit the Packers every time. Is the NFL turning into the NBA, where you get “superstar” calls?

Let me get this straight, everyone in the world could see that Titus Young had two feet in the end zone, but through some bizarro-world set of rules, the refs aren’t allowed to review it–HUH? No wonder coach Schwartz was losing his mind on the sidelines. There were so many instances of “What the hell are they doing?” calls from the refs, that what little hair I did have is gone from being pulled out during the game. The Titus Young TD was the worst, but the Stefan Logan fumble should have been reversed–and how on earth is that NOT a fumble on the Packers Jordy Nelson’s punt return? Were the officials wearing cheeseheads when they entered the stadium?

The officials were only half of the problem. The other half is that Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson don’t play defense. Maybe Martin Mayhew’s theory of defensive backs being a dime a dozen has to be revisited. Jim Schwartz spoke through gritted teeth in describing his defense after the game. I’m sure if he could, he would have used the word SUCKED a dozen times in the post game presser. One week they shut down Philip Rivers, one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and the next week, Matt Flynn, (alias Joe Nobody), who sets team records and throws for what seemed like 27 touchdowns in one game. The Detroit Lions DBs should start back-peddling now to prepare for the the New Orleans Saints high scoring bombers, led by Drew Brees.

On the positive side, Matthew Stafford has shown what he can do in a complete season: DOMINATE. He joined the 5,000 yard club that is exclusively occupied by Hall of Famers and future Hall-of-Famers Dan Marino, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The Kid is a master of his craft at the tender age of 23. The future is so bright with number nine and Megatron that I might have to start watching the Leos with sunglasses on.

Calvin Johnson continues to amaze. Except for that touchdown pass that bounced off his hands, he was a beast. He racked up over 200 yards for the second time this season, and just missed Herman Moore’s team record for yards in a season by only five yards. Megatron finished at 1681 to Moore’s 1686. The Lions would be wise to call his number all day in New Orleans.

I’m in the small minority that thinks playing the Saints isn’t the worst thing to happen to them. Remember when they had a hard time with the success of a 5-0 start? This is a very young team, and I think had they played the NY Giants in the first round, they may have been the favorites. The Lions are much better suited to be an underdog, given no hope of winning, than walking into New York as the big man on campus.

No matter what happens on Saturday night, this has been a very good season. It’s been a long time since I said the words “Detroit Lions” with pride.