Detroit Lions Manhandle the Chicago Bears


The Bright lights of Monday Night Football were glaring on the Detroit Lions last night, and the team didn’t wilt. In fact, they showed the entire nation what the Detroit Lions were all about – how they match a fierce defense with an explosive offense. What an event that was last night.

Ten years of frustrations came out at once, as the crowd was louder than standing next to a jet airplane. The crowd definitely earned a game ball by forcing an unbelievable nine false starts out of the Chicago Bears. The defensive line chased Jay Cutler around last night like he had a million dollars in his pocket.

It’s amazing to me to see what the Lions have created in such a short time. The Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs for only the second time in 26 years and all week long all anybody wants to talk about is the DETROIT FREAKING LIONS. This is all happening in the span of a month. Earlier I mentioned that the bandwagon was getting so big that they would need an aircraft carrier to fit everybody on it. Well, after last night, I think we’re going to have to ditch the carrier and start looking at continents.

I was so jealous of the people that got to witness that game in person. It was obvious to the television viewer that there was a ton of bottled up love for the lions that came bursting out so loud I thought the roof might move. It’s been building since the Lions closed out last season with four straight wins. Slappies like me immediately proclaimed that the Leos were going to be a force to be reckoned with. But the rest of the fans that had long ago sworn off the Lions as hazardous to their health were going to wait and see for themselves. Those two comeback wins against Minnesota and Dallas brought back a lot of them and they wanted to see if it held up under the glare of MNF’s intense national spotlight.

The scary thing is we don’t even know HOW GOOD this team can be. Did anyone REALLY think the Bears had a chance to win? This team reminds me of a movie where some schmuck gets superpowers
and spends half of the movie trying to figure out how to use it. The Lions looked like a cat playing with a mouse until it got bored.

The Lions gained half of their yardage on just THREE plays: the bomb to Megatron, Best’s 88 yard run for a touchdown and his 43 yarder to seal the game late. That is what they call EXPLOSIVENESS. The Lions also chased Cutler out of the building by rushing 4 or less men 90% of the time. Not only is that good football, but awfully exciting to watch.

I think fans saw last night that maybe, just maybe, the Detroit Lions won’t break their hearts this time.