Top 5 Most Disappointing Lions Draft Picks of the 2000’s

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2. Joey Harrington (2003, Rd.1/Pick 3)

I distinctly remember being in the room as a 12 year old, not knowing much at all about the entering draft and the entire room went “Wow” when this pick was selected.

This one pick is single handedly responsible for the downfall of the Lions draft choices in the mid-2000’s.

Harrington wasn’t a terrible quarterback, but he suffered from what the Lions have been cursed with forever.

Bad timing and bad luck.

He had no offensive line, no weapons and a defense that could’t bail out a bowl of soup.

Because of this selection of Harrington, the Lions controversially took three straight Wide Receivers in the next three consecutive years. Also, given who else was taken in the first round, you could argue in hindsight who the Lions could have taken. But the reality is they would have taken Quentin Jammer who turned out to be nothing special either.

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