Detroit Lions Lose To Chicago Bears… That’s a Wrap! Put a Bow Around Another Spectacular Season Of Lions NFL Football


Another nutty, steaming coil plopped right down there for us to see on a Sunday afternoon.

They are who they thought we were, PLAYOFFS?!, etc. etc. There are very few positive things to point out aside from saying to Mr. Mayhew that he had a pretty decent draft.

When I hated the Stafford pick way back in spring, I simply said one thing: Mayhew’s legacy will be forever tied to Matthew Stafford, good or bad. I’m not going to out and out call Stafford good, he had just as many bad moments as he did good ones; had he not been injured, he probly would have set the record for interceptions. HOWEVER, considering how my expectations for quarterbacks in college ball this year have been sorely under achieved, getting Stafford was a good move. Delmas was outstanding and really, Mayhew pulled a great draft aside from Williams at WR. Considering the Lions past drafting history, 5 good players and one bust ain’t too shabby. Millen couldn’t string together 5 good picks in 7 or 8 years.

So what do we take from this season?

There were 30 different names on the jerseys from last years 0-16 team. Rest assured, there will be even more change this year. In talent driven league, it has become painfully obvious that we need more of it. I mean, we’re picking after the Rams who’s sole W was taken from us in our house. That’s sad. It’s embarrassing.

So I figure you’re going to see some movement on the roster. Culpepper and Stanton? Probly gone. Stanton showed us in Frisco that he is a 2nd round bust and Culpepper has consistently shown us that there isn’t enough left in the tank for his faded career to experience a rebirth.

I’m thinking that there will be some movement on the offensive line too. I think you can trade any one of our god awful O-linemen for, say, a cotton candy machine that needs repair or maybe one of those ice cream dots kiosks, minus the franchising fees of course. Cherilius is looking like a bust, Backus sucks and Raiola is inconsistent.

We need to draft Defense. At number 2, we need to take someone that is the best at their position. We also might need to grab a running back in the 3rd round or so… Kevin Smith has a really nasty injury and it is unclear as to whether or not he’ll be ready for camp. If we can grab someone who is decent and maybe keep Morris, Kevin Smith can take his time to heal up RIGHT and come back mid season next year. You need three running backs in this league anyway.

Anyway, the draft talk is going to start amping up and so will the mock drafts.  I’ll be podcasting still, mostly about the playoffs and then I think we’re going to transition it into general sports talk; The new year has just begun, let’s make it a good one people!