Mike Vick Steps Foot On The Field Again… For 6 Plays


"The Vick experiment was like watching the premiere episode of your favorite TV show. It’s thrilling for the first few minutes, then it cools down, and finally you end up slightly disappointed. Vick looked fine. I just don’t see how he’s going to help this team if he only gets 10 to 15 snaps per game."

from our network blog Inside The Iggles

Sadly I didn’t get to see it. Thanks to the good people at the Fox Network and their brilliant deductions about regional coverage, I (and you) were treated to a rousing matchup between The Dolphins of Miami and The Bucaneers of Tampa Bay. It was a brillian match and I saw all of 6 points scored before it was delayed for weather for god knows how long. Didn’t notice if they decided to show the 6 Vick plays or not… I was working. (We were kinda busy too, go figure).

I wanted to see him break away for a 50 yard ESPN highlight reel run… Not because I care for him. Because I’m interested in the reaction. Yeah, a lot of people hate him. But even more people simply don’t care. They are indifferent. It may be because they don’t share this nations strong feelings about the killing of doggies, it may be because they realize football players do horrible things all the time and this particular case is the one that really pissed casual fans and people that don’t care about football off.

In the end I think I’m starting to believe in the 2nd chances thing. Yeah he’s reprehensible. But if you grow up around a ‘dog fighting’ kind of social network. If you’re taught that it’s not a big deal, you’re going to think of it as … NOT A BIG DEAL.

Some people are born on farms and think nothing of slaughtering a lamb or a chicken. Yes thats for something worthwhile and dog fighting is for gambling which doesn’t count as “something worthwhile” I understand that don’t bother mentioning it. But the guy did 2 years in the pokey. Prison sucks, he did his time and paid his debt.

People have been doing horrible things for centuries. Romans pitted gladiators against each other for sport. And they were arguably the most successful civilization in human history. Would not you consider  NFL Football the modern equivalent of Gladiator sport? We Call them Grid Iron Gladiators, do we not?

In his post game presser, Vick said he wants to do it right this time.

Benjamin Franklin said that nobody walks away happy from a good compromise.

I don’t condone what he did, but I believe in second chances. If he can make it right this time, if he can stay on the up and up, well I suppose he did 2 years in the clink and had plenty of time to think about his lifestyle and his actions, perhaps he really has changed.

We’ll see how it goes on and off the field.