Michael Vick Is Reportedly Close to Signing With An NFL Team


It’s a curious and complicated situation.

Pro Football players do bad things off the field all the time. ALL the time. *ALL* *THE* *TIME*

Donte Stallworth is currently in jail for killing a guy while drunk driving (I’m not even going to get into that here, I am however trying to put something informative and entertaining about that… more on that later). His sentence was mind blowing and it says a lot about where we draw the line as Vick has gotten out after 23 months in a federal prison and Stallworth will be out in a week or two.

Mess with dogs and people. get. PISSED.

That said, Mike Vick is out and he has been reinstated, allowed to participant in a camp and will be suspended for 6 games. Is that enough? Keep in mind he was suspended for a year by the NFL before any convictions were handed down. Love it or hate it, he’s in and with all this ‘Wild Cat’ offensive scheme stuff gaining popularity, Vick is going to be able to contribute as soon as week seven with his agility. If you have a good running back and the speed of Vick with the Wide Out running all over the place with that goofy Wild Cat stuff for 5 or 6 plays a game, its going to keep defenses confused and off balance.

Teams that can take him are the “good” teams, they’ve been to the playoffs several times in the last few seasons and they have a solid, experienced core of of big time NFL playmakers. Even storied trouble makers have shut the hell up and fitted themselves into the system, i.e. Randy Moss going to New England as a draft trade for a box of peanuts and a pretzel machine. When Belicheck waves that hand around with fingers full of hardware, you shut up and listen. Simple as that.

Rumor has it that Seattle is where Vick will end up. I would say that’s at the bottom end of the better teams, but it is a better team (I guess sort of maybe kinda).  The way that the sub-sequential PR ****-storm plays out will be interesting to see, in the end I think it will expose the fickle nature of America’s sports fans. First make nice. Next and most importantly, win win win and they will forget your past and embrace you.

I’ve never really valued Vick as a Quarterback, even the Lions shut him down and took him out of the game by zone blitzing the outside and forcing him to stay in the pocket and throw the ball like a real pocket passer. He couldn’t do it. But he could use his legs to resuscitate collapsed plays and pulled off a grand in rushing as a QB.

And he’ll do it all on the ex-felon, salary cap friendly price range!