It’s *Everywhere*, Might as Well Post About the Michael Jackson Funeral


Yes this is a blog about football. No there isn’t much football going on aside from pointless speculation. Michael is on everything right now with the memorial winding down.

Can anyone else join me in not knowing how to feel?

I don’t know. I’m lost here.

Back in 1989, the Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ tour was the first concert I’d ever been to (aside from sesame street or the circus, you get the picture) and we were in the upper bowl of the Palace of Auburn Hills. It was a brand new venue at that point; The concert was HUuuuuuuge. Tickets were nearly impossible to get. Michael rocked. The band rocked. The music was amazing.

A year or two later was the beginning of the end. I, like nearly everyone else, didn’t believe the first accuser. The 2nd? I don’t know. I saw that Bashir interview before the 2nd accuser was edited out. It was… disturbing. Whatever was going on did not seem appropriate in the slightest.

Let’s think about Michael for a moment. Growing up, he didn’t have a chance in hell at being normal. He wasn’t ‘normal’, he was extraordinarily talented; gifted. And rich. And Famous. The guy could never put his feet on the ground. Never set his compass right. When you have all this fame and wealth and simply don’t know the meaning of the word ‘no’, there are no boundaries and boundaries are what help us develop character and strength.

Let’s not rule drugs out of the equation either. He was clearly messed up on something during the length of the bashir interview. Drugs are what killed him. His heart couldn’t take the strain mixed with the uppers and the downers and the siders and the winders. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Addiction Medicine Specialist, has noted that many celebrities that go so overboard with plastic surgeries find it incredibly easy to get massive quantities of potent narcotic prescriptions. Who’s going to turn them down? The need becomes legitimized. Pressure. Insecurity. We all deal with it, but not on the level of a Michael Jackson. How do you even get up out of bed once you get the news that Thriller is the best selling album of all time and now you’ve got to follow it up.

Any pro football player will tell you how hard it is to repeat a championship. The minute you’re on top, everyone is gunning for you. There’s a big red circle on that calendar by those other teams, they want a shot at the guys on top.

That’s the other thing too… Success generates MONEY. And at that time, Michael had a LOT of it. The Jackals come out. They want to get what you got without having to work for it. People are capable of super ultra scummy stuff when there are huge dollar amounts involved. You don’t think parents sent their kids there hoping to get some dirt? Hoping to get something?

Michael did a lot for charity. Millions and Millions of dollars for children’s cancer research and treatment and make a wish. Don’t take that away from him either.

Listening to everyone else’s opinions on Michael, I’ve noticed no one takes the middle ground. It’s either love or hate. I feel like the only person here in the middle.

I want to wrap my head around what a tortured genius Michael was. Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad where absolutely brilliant efforts. His best work was definately behind him though… Who actually owns a copy of “Blood On The Dance Floor”?!?

In the end, 50 is a very short time. Much too soon to pass away. It was not enough time for him. He ran out of time before he could wake up and make things right.

It’s not a waste though. I grew up loving Michael’s music and so did a lot of other people. That’s definately worth something!

Goodbye Michael Jackson. Sha-mon-a!