If You Read This Blog, It’s Not A Surprise: Lions Sign Matt Stafford to a 6 Year Deal


Welcome the new face of the franchise, Matt Stafford.

I’m torn.

A Wide Receiver can’t be the face of the franchise, its just not the position for that. Even Jerry Rice wasn’t really the face of the frachises he was on. And Randy Moss was front page news for all the wrong reasons.

But is this “the guy” or the best “guy” at this time and we’re desperate? 

No doubt we’re desperate. We’re rolling the dice here too, top of the college heap picks generally never pan out. Whether it’s the franchise or the player, you never you, you can never tell. There are so many variables at play here. I don’t have a great deal of faith in our Offensive Line. I just don’t think they are strong enough to carry the offense.

So what is Martin Mayhew thinking? 

Well, from what I gather in my limited knowledge as a fan, I think that they see the core potential in Stafford, and no doubt he has that. Culpepper will be servicable for about half the season, perhaps the whole one but he does tend to struggle with injury. Mayhew and Schwartz are going to consider this a learning season from the get go, the schedule is BRUTAL  and there are so many holes to fill that it will take around two or three drafts just to get competitive. It’s funny to me as a blogger as people are constantly asking me “what are the Lions core needs?”; All I can tell them is that we have Calvin Johnson. every thing else is fair game, a legitimate need. So perhaps this is a masterminding of development. They know drafting any QB is a project and it takes a year or two; Sometimes guys bust out and put up crazy rookie numbers, yet a lot of the time they don’t have a remarkable sophmore season. So if we’re taking this season on the chin, we might as well do it while we have Culpepper to lean on for a year or so.

I’m not really in love with this pick. Yet, I don’t hate it. Mayhew has garnered my favor with the various moves he has made this off season and I respect Schwartz and I think Linehan was a solid coaching acquisition as well. I sure hope these guys are steering the bus in the right direction.

Will Stafford be successful? It’s Possible.

Will Stafford be a disaster? It’s Probable. History does not favor us. Guys that leave college prior to finishing their senior year often fall flat on their face. Time will tell.  This will be Mayhew’s legacy now. It all hinges here. 

As a manager this was a DUMB move. Stafford is not some remarkable phemon that you absolutely have to have. He is no Peyton Manning. Now he has to be the next Manning or Mayhew looks like a moron! He took this guy when he could have had Curry or Smith for around 26 million dollars less.

Mayhew has screwed himself out of his grace period with this high profile QB pick.

It’s like what Millen did, walking in and firing everyone on the Coaching staff when Molar looked somewhat promising. Had he soft footed in, he would have had that first year as a learning year. If the team sucks, eh, fans will forgive as that’s not his guy. Joe Dumars did this. He took the GM gig, sat down and watched things work for a year.

Now you’re on the clock Mr. Mayhew. This kid better pan out, if he’s a bust it is *YOUR* reputation and future  on the line.