Dallas Fan Has a Question… And It’s a Good One. How About Matt Stafford In a Broncos Uniform?


"im a cowboys fan, but i wanted a lions fans opinion…why doesnt detroit offer up their second round pick (#33) for Jay Cutler? the chiefs got cassel for less, so the QB trade value is down this year. then, yall could go Jason Smith or another OT with #1 and a DE at #20? the DB’s are upgraded already with Henry and Buchanon, and JP in the LB corps instant upgrade…if Laurinitus or Maualuga are there at 20, grab them, but Robert Ayers or a Paul Kruger-type also fills the all-purpose DE yall need…what do you think"

This was in my comments on the last post, and I sort of addressed this in my Jay Cutler scenarios post (like 2 posts down from this), but I wanted to go into further detail anyway and this yields me a fine opportunity.

I would absolutely love the scenario you layed out Krobot, however, I don’t think Denver will give up Cutler for a no. 20 pick, and definitely not for the 33rd pick.

Here’s the thing: Denver is starting to take a black eye in this fairly ugly situation, but I don’t feel they will give up Cutler without getting someone who can play quarterback for them. They are a pretty solid football team, missing the playoffs by only one single game. They aren’t exactly inclined to blow the team up. There are strong and consistent pieces in their puzzle and with the running game they always deliver, all you have to do is protect possession at the QB position. So in spite of this situation making them look bad,  I think they are going to stick to their guns. We don’t really have a QB to offer them.

Unless we can get them to fall in love with Stafford.

Then I think the art of the deal can begin; and its a possibility right now, Stafford had his senior day at Georgia and looked pretty damn good in regards to sheer throwing ability. He did it standing, he did it scrambling left and right. He looked pretty good.

I think Denver would be a good fit for Matt… They can develop him in a manner that he deserves; The Lions need a guy like Cutler. He’s a little cocky. He’s young. He’s talented… He’s got this swagger. He can win games. He’s done it. Stafford could walk into here with a positive attitude and a high energy level, but he hasn’t done it in the Pro’s yet. He needs a team with a little bit of structure to it, something already there that needs the right piece.

Cutler’s problem in Denver is that he doesn’t fit in. He’s outspoken, a black sheep if you will, and Denver has a primarily veteran squad that wants things a certain way. I think Stafford would fit in there. And Cutler can bring to Detroit a little bit of cockiness… a little bit of “I’ve done this before and I can do it here. Run your route Calvin, I’ll get the ball to you”. Someone that can tell Kevin Smith that every time he breaks a 10 yard run, that opens up Calvin for a 40 yard bomb.

I don’t think our 1st for Cutler and their 12th is overpaying or undercompensating. I think this draft is heavy with defensive and offensive line talent. Cornerbacks too. Something good will be at pick no. 12, there is no doubt about it and with the trade, getting Cutler would take care of the QB situation, putting in place a young and talented guy to take the reins of this Lions offense for many many years to come. Culpepper is old news guys, he’s worth one year at best and that’s banking on him not being hurt by week 5.

We’re due for a big QB trade, let’s hope we get to see one.