“I think you have to have a head coach who agrees ..."/> “I think you have to have a head coach who agrees ..."/>

The New Lapdog’s Look For A Yes Coach


"“I think you have to have a head coach who agrees with your philosophy,” said Mayhew. “I think that’s part of it. I think that’s where we struggled some here in the past. What we’re doing offensively and what we’re doing defensively and what our President/CEO philosophy was versus what we were trying to do on the football field didn’t always match up and I think that has to match up in the future.”The search for that next coach has already begun; the Lions have put in requests for different candidates throughout the league, though they are not going to disclose who those candidates are at this time.“It’s an internal search, Martin and I are conducting it and it began in earnest yesterday,” said Lewand.Interviews are being scheduled now and will begin this week. It will be a search for that coach who fits exactly what Lewand and Mayhew are looking for: someone who sees eye-to-eye with the brand of football the Lions will play moving forward.“The philosophy isn’t just Martin’s philosophy, it becomes the organizational philosophy and that’s what I was describing earlier about having a plan,” said Lewand. “(To execute that successfully will take) everybody involved.“It will take me in my role, it takes Martin in his role, it will take our head coach and it will take us having a level of trust in each other that we’re all successfully and diligently executing our responsibilities within that plan, and we’ll have that.”"

So they want to reiterate that they need a guy that falls in line with their philosophy.
And that is…

Going winless? Drafting poorly? Running the worst defense? Being the worst team?

Being a “Yes” man? Towing the line no matter what?

Failing miserably week after week and refusing to change a single aspect of your game plan?

This is NOT A FRESH START. This is the same story, different faces up front. These guys were not interim; there was no search, this was decided after the obligatory firing of Millen. I can picture it right now, out in the corner of some steak house; Lewand and Ford Sr., smoking some after dinner cigars and swirling some cognac and Lewand decides to seize the moment; to make his case. And it’s a good one. “I want a shot at this Mr. Ford, Mayhew and I can do it. We are already on pay-roll, it won’t cost you anymore and we are going to commit harder than ever before (Millen didn’t even live in the state and barely put in the hours)”. It was a done deal from there. There was no search, there were no interviews (the boys even confirmed this in their introductory presser), it was what it was.

This is like a feculant lizard that regenerates its limbs. You’ve seen it’s arm cut off, you’ve nipped it’s tail off, but they are just going to grow back from the same stinking, rotten body.

It doesn’t matter who you pick and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that big time, vibrant up and coming coaches don’t want to touch this organization; it’s marred and you simply aren’t set up to win.

Will these guys do better than Millen?

How can they not? Millen was the worst Manager in the history of the sport. His regime never even hit .500 in a season. Only thing Millen ever led the League in was double digit loss seasons.