In Lieu Of Yet Another (and final) Black Out…


No TV in the local markets… you’ll have to go to p2ptv and watch a grainy streamed video.

0-16 is getting awful realistic, but there is a great Drew Sharp Article where he breaks down the Detroit Lions in their final 2 games throughout the Millen Era

"If I’ve learned one thing with this franchise, it’s that there are no guarantees.If it’s possible to “blow” 0-16, they’ll do it.Why?They’re entering the peak of their performance level during the Age of Millen — the final two games on the schedule. The Lions are 6-8 in their final two games the past seven years. They’ve lost their last two games only once during that time — in Marty Mornhinweg’s second and final season as coach in 2002.That’s a .429 winning percentage.That rate of success over 16 games would’ve kept Ford Field filled this season.But it serves as another reminder of how this hapless franchise actually loses when it wins.If only the Lions had performed as poorly in their last two games as they did in their first 14, they could’ve landed Julius Peppers and Reggie Bush in the subsequent drafts with the second overall selection.The Lions beat Dallas in their regular-season finale in 2001.The win bounced the Lions from the No. 2 pick, leaving them with Joey Harrington instead of Peppers. Harrington is the New Orleans Saints’ No. 3 quarterback.Peppers became the underpinning for a 1-15 Carolina franchise that has played in a Super Bowl and might emerge this season as the NFC’s No. 1 playoff seed — with Peppers ranked sixth in quarterback sacks.And don’t forget how the Lions came back to beat New Orleans in the next-to-last game of 2005. They played in San Antonio because Hurricane Katrina had turned the Saints into nomads. Nobody scored an offensive touchdown in the game.With no time-outs remaining, Harrington hit Roy Williams for 15 yards on third-and-15 with 20 seconds left. The field-goal unit raced onto the field, and Jason Hanson drilled a 39-yarder that won the game, 13-12, but cost the Lions a chance at the Heisman Trophy-winning Bush, whom the Saints tabbed with the No. 2 choice.The win dropped the Lions to the ninth overall pick. They took Ernie Sims.Bush, had he remained healthy, would’ve kept butts in the seats at Ford Field this season even if the Lions were 0-14.That’s why investing any emotion in this franchise, positive or negative, remains a wasted venture. Those hell-bent for 0-16 will be disappointed."

Drew makes a very interesting point.

The Lions disappoint you. It’s what they do. That never changes. It’s static. However there is a variable in this universal truth… HOW they will disappoint you. If you’re hoping for a first overall draft pick, in seasons past they’ve won a pointless game to thrust themselves to the bottom of the top five. I think they’ve clinched that for this draft though. If you’re hoping for that ‘put it in writing’ type deal, the 0-16 record sealing the deal in history books making them the worst team in history and the worst coach in history and worst yada yada yada then guess what… They will win because that’s what they do. Then Marinelli will get an extension or they’ll hire another broadcaster to run the team or insert ‘It’s the Lions’ thing that they do here

In other words, brace yourself, it’s going to be one hell of a toboggan ride.