Is There a QB Controversy Already? Life Sans-Millen continues…


So we’re back at Allen Park, the gears are grinding and the wheels are turning, we are again on the road to the Super Bowl (lol, not really). But we are moving forward with the season, now officially Millen-less. So where does that put everybody? Well a quarterback controversy is already brewing as the fans have thrown this season out the window like a melted shake in a paper cup, leaving it to splatter on the highway and make that Indian guy cry for mother Earth. He’s not the only one that’s going to be shedding tears, the end of this season will look like the French Revolution as in heads will roll. You’ve had a guy that has the stink of 8 years of failure and bad decisions in charge, and now that he’s gone the remants of multi-million dollar player deals, under performing draft picks, washed up free agents and a lame duck ineffective coaching staff are still stinking up the joint.

Players, obviously, are reluctant to talk. They aren’t going to bash the guy that ran out and gave them a job. They also realize, at an embarassing 0 – 3 in which they were never in a single game, that perhaps they aren’t good enough to play in this league. At this point, they are just happy to have a job. Hey, it’s a check, right?

Let’s deal with the quarterbacks first. I don’t think there will be a QB controversy unless Kitna gets hurt. We actually saw this a few years ago with the Joey-Joe-Joe and Jeffy with the hottest wife in the NFL. Mooch was fired and Dick Jauron was at the helm. He wanted to go with the Veteran with playoff experience, Garcia because if you’re an interm coach, you’re playing for a job and therefore playing to WIN. Marinelli is also in this situation. He’s easy to get rid of if he can’t even produce as many wins as he did last season. Odds are he’s gone either way, the new GM is going to want his guys in place, but if you’re a competitive guy (and he is) you’re going to try to win at all costs! That means to hell with developing a rookie Stanton or a bench warmer in Orlovski (who was one pass one pick when Kitna had that stinger in ‘Frisco), Kitna is the only guy that can put you in a position to win games and is thus the starter for this season.

So for now it’s Kitna and how he can help you beat the Bears (he can’t). Even if the Lions go up on the Bears, it’s going to be just like that Monday Night game of Cardinals vs Bears, minus the awesomest-est post game presser since Mora gave us the “PLAYOFFS?!” sound bit.

Now, more pics of Garcia’s wife Carmella Decesare because it is relevant to your interests: