Lions tales: Sims’ knee, a WR is IR, and FISTICUFFS!


Ernie Sims injures his right knee:

As if Lions fans don’t have enough to worry about, the big news out of camp today is Ernie Sims’ right knee. After tweaking the knee Sunday morning, the Lions only playmaking linebacker has been held out of practice since, and is scheduled to get an MRI today. The Lions are calling Sims’ MRI “precautionary,” and don’t believe it’s serious. Let’s hope so, as a long-term injury to Sims would be catastrophic for the Lions’ defense.

Edit 5:20 PM: Mlive is reporting Sims’ knee shows no structural damage, and he will only miss a few days of practice. Sims will return when the soreness subsides.

SLR reports, “WHEW!”

In a move involving training camp tackling dummies, Reggie Ball placed on IR, Eric Fowler signed in his place:

WR Reggie Ball, a member of the practice squad for a few games in ’07, injured his knee on Friday. It was serious enough to finish him for the season. Signed to replace him on the roster was the best WR out of Grand Valley State not named David Kircus, Eric Fowler. The likelihood of either player making the regular season roster is/was slim, but at least Ball can say he was the first Lion to be placed on IR in 2008. A noteworthy accomplishment, indeed.

A tiff between Jeff Backus and Dewayne White makes headlines:

You can tell there isn’t much real news coming out of camp when the beat writers play up practice fisticuffs. Not that I blame the players, as two-a-days would make me want to punch out my sisters, let alone someone going against me. Rather than writing it off as boys will be boys rough housing, Rod Marinelli does not approve of such silliness, because players are penalized for the same actions in games. As he said, “It’s a lack of self-control.” Makes sense to me…

The Lions, long lacking on public relations side of things, finally realize fans really want to see workouts, and open them to the unwashed masses:

Starting tomorrow, 7/29 (also on 8/1, 8/4 and 8/5), the Lions will open both daily practices (8:35 AM and 4:30 PM) to the public, along . Only the first 700 fams will be admitted. In other words, get there early, as it’s first come, first served. If you do decide to attend, Rod Marinelli asks that you MAKE SOME NOISE!

Pooch kicks:

The worst columnist in America states the obvious, the Lions’ shouldn’t ignore Calvin Johnson. Parker never ceases to amaze me with his wading pool deep analysis.

Jon Kitna’s banged up, though he’s not hurt enough to miss any practice time. It must be a MIRACLE!

Killer Kowalski and Nick Cotsonika were both impressed enough with rookie DE Cliff Averil to write respective articles. Let’s hope they compared notes. Where is Mike O’Hara’s take? He’s slacking!

Speaking of which, O’Hara has accepted a buyout from the Detroit News, and will be retiring. Any man who could put up with the Lions’ antics for 31 years deserves kudos! Here’s a SLR tip o’ the cap, as O’Hara will be missed. (Yes, I just praised someone in the MSM. Hard to believe, I know…)