Lions to their fans: “F*** ’em until next year” Fans to the Lions: Tell us something we didn’t already know


In some ways, the Detroit Lions are the most consistent team in the NFL. They are always inept, always clueless, always make the wrong move, always say and do the wrong thing. We have seen their latest misstep, and it’s par for the Lions’ course.

As reported by Oakland Press columnist Pat Caputo, a Lions season ticket holder who had several promises broken in regard to where his seats in Ford Field would be located, received an email from an employee of their ticket office. A message that was meant for internal eyes only.

But the pesky “reply all” button came back to bite the Lions in the ass. Within the email was a statement that reveals the Lions’ philosophy towards their long suffering, long abused and long milked for cash fanbase.

"“Fuck ’em until next year”"

I’ll repeat it, for emphasis…

"“Fuck ’em until next year”"

Once again, just because the Lions deserve to be embarrassed.

"“Fuck ’em until next year”"

One more time, just because.

"“Fuck ’em until next year”"

As a long-time fan of the Lions, I question my sanity all I can say is I’m not surprised. Nothing the Lions do surprises me at this point. If there is a way to screw up, to shoot themselves in the foot, the Lions will find a way.

As if they realized telling the fans to fuck off was quite enough, Lions money man, VP and COO Tom Lewand, decided to raise the ineptness bar. When Caputo followed up with the Lions about the email…

"Lions executive vice president and chief operating officer Tom Lewand vehemently disagreed with my contention there is a correlation between the tone set by Ford and Millen — and this incident.“If you write that, it will be factually incorrect and bordering on slander,” Lewand said. “And I will come after you.”"

Amazing! Talk about thinking on your feet! Lewand, knowing the Lions have a history of making bad situations worse, threatens a B-level newspaper columnist and sports talk radio host with slander! Lewand came through in the clutch…unlike any of the Lions’ players.

So Lewand says anyone connecting the losing attitude that prevails in throughout every area of the Lions front office to the epic failures that are William Clay Ford and Matt Millen is committing slander?

Here’s the definition of “slander”

"–noun1.defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.2.a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.3.Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc."

In regard to legitimate criticism, you’d think the Lions would have a thicker skin by this point. But in their small, greedy, dimwitted minds, if anyone has the WRITTEN OPINION the Lions take their apparent disdain for their own fans direct from the top, namely the owner and GM, they would consider giving our WRITTEN OPINION to be committing slander? Please. Get a damn grip.

Well, here are some facts. You can’t say any of the following is slander.

  • The Lions have failed to make the playoffs since a porn ‘stached goon named Matt Millen took over as president and GM.
  • The Lions have won a single, solitary playoff game in William Clay Ford’s 40+ years of ownership.
  • They raised ticket prices, even though their fans are in desperate financial straits.
  • They are one of the few NFL franchise to have never made the Super Bowl.
  • The TV networks think so little of the Lions, and their chances, their only nationally televised appearance will be on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Since Ford took over, not a single fired Lions’ head coach has been the head coach of another NFL team.
  • The Lions were the first NFL team to lose to an AFL team.
  • The only Lions head coach of the Ford era to have an overall winning record, Joe Schmidt, walked away from the job rather than have to deal with Ford crony GM Russ Thomas.

There’s plenty more facts supporting the opinion the Lions are the worst franchise in all of sports, but I think you get my point. From top to bottom, from the front office to the field, the Lions have been, and will remain, an epic failure.

Put simply, Willaim Clay Ford = epic fail. That’s just my opinion, by the way. An opinion shared by the entire Lions fanbase.

You’d think their biggest concern would be having a winning team in Ford Field. Yet they seem more concerned with columnists bad mouthing the team owner, and telling their fans to essentially fuck off and die…until next year. When the circle of fail will begin again.

And that’s a sad God damn fact.