4 Detroit Lions who need a strong finish to the 2022 season the most

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2. QB Jared Goff

Survey Lions’ fans, and a portion will say Goff should have a legit shot to still be the starting quarterback in 2023. Another portion will site how it’ll be easy to move on in the offseason, with a $10 million dead money hit if he’s cut before June 1 (it’d be spread $5 million in dead money each in 2023 and 2024 with a post-June 1 cut designation). The Lions need to reset/get cheaper under center at some point soon, regardless of a decision on Goff.

Goff has had a better season this year than he did in his first as a Lion in 2021. But he has been up-and-down, and it’s ultimately clear he’s not the kind of quarterback who can take a team to its highest ceiling. The Rams realized that., centered around a Super Bowl loss a few years ago, moved on when they could procure an upgrade (Matthew Stafford) and won a Super Bowl). The Lions will get there, eventually if not right after this season, no matter what Goff does from here.

Over the final six games, Goff is auditioning for the Lions to some degree. But moreso he may be auditioning for other teams who may be looking for a veteran quarterback in the offseason, be it a new starter or an experienced backup. No matter what, the former No. 1 overall pick has a lot at stake down the stretch this season.