Detroit Lions: 5 potential landing spots for top unrestricted free agents

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Reeves-Maybin became a prominent player for the Lions’ defense in 2021, and he made a couple notable plays late in games (Week 5 against the Vikings, Week 16 against the Falcons). He appears to be a priority re-signing for Detroit, based on the words of defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and head coach Dan Campbell.

“He will have his chance to be our starting inside linebacker,” Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn promised Thursday (Dec. 30). “He’s had a great year. Still has a ways to go, but we’re excited about that player.” “Obviously, we want the player back,” Glenn stated. “because he’s a good player.”

Campbell pointed to Reeves-Maybin as one of the most valuable and reliable players on the team.

“There’s a number of guys, but I mean certainly one of the first ones that pops in my head is, Jalen Reeves-Maybin pops up,” Campbell said. “I know he missed a couple of games here due to injury, but when he’s been out there on defense and on special teams, he just, he makes plays. He’s a football player. And that doesn’t go unnoticed.”

At the time of Glenn’s comments, which faded into coach-speak by the end, Reeves-Maybin said there hadn’t been any contract negotiations that he knew of but he was open to returning “as long as the math is mathing.”

Bringing Reeves-Maybin back has to really come down to cost for the Lions (years, guaranteed money, etc.), without overpaying to do so. He should absolutely cash in on a nice season if he can, but the Lions should draw a line somewhere too.

5 potential landing spots for Reeves-Maybin: Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Washington Football Team, Cleveland Browns