Detroit Lions: Dan Campbell may do the unthinkable after 60 years

Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)
Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images) /
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Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions
Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images) /

The new face of the Detroit Lions

For 12 seasons Matthew Stafford was the face of the Lions. He was the man behind every highlight this franchise had. He was the team. If he didn’t carry Detroit to victory, they didn’t win.

Now Matthew is in Los Angeles and already seems to be one of the prominent faces of the Rams. In Detroit, the new face of the franchise will not be suiting up.

Motor City Dan Campbell is now the face of the Detroit Lions.

As yet, Campbell has not lost a game for Detroit. He has also not won a game either. However, the Lions’ new head coach has been passionate, positive, and ready to face all challenges.

Everywhere Campbell has gone in Motown he has found fans that believe in him. If nothing else, the fans think this big Lebowski-looking guy, who has proven to just be a pure ‘football dude’, is passionate enough to carry this franchise to victory.

After all, Campbell already said he’d be willing to lose his arm for a Super Bowl win and wants a real live untamed Lion to walk with around practice, Ford Field, and even the Allen Park offices.

People outside of Detroit think Campbell is certifiable.

There may be some truth to that school of thought, but Campbell has already proven there is a method to his madness.

Campbell can be frank, thoughtful, and go from 0-60 in a heartbeat. His enthusiasm is boundless and his willingness to be candid, unless he’s busy just having fun with questions he’s being asked, makes him different than any other Lions coach I can think of.

Like that Lion Campbell wanted to walk around training camp with, Motor City Dan is a wild animal.

Campbell’s efforts seem to have won over his coaching staff, his players, and the fan base. Even the media, for the most part, is at least giving Campbell the benefit of a doubt. And if we’re being honest, that’s all we can do right now. The real proof is in the wins and losses.

Something we can’t fairly judge until Campbell has the horses necessary to win in the NFL. But one thing we can judge this year is the effect he has on the Lions locker room. An effect that could eventually be the difference becoming a true contender or the next disappointment.