Detroit Lions: 3 mock trade scenarios for Tyrell Crosby

Detroit Lions offensive tackle Tyrell Crosby (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)
Detroit Lions offensive tackle Tyrell Crosby (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Collin Johnson, Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Collin Johnson (19) Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports /

Here’s my stance …

I don’t think Crosby will stay in Detroit with better opportunities in the future. However, I also wouldn’t trade him if the team isn’t getting a fair value back. Another thing to keep in mind, there isn’t a viable replacement among current free agents.

What kind of return for Crosby is enough to trade him despite knowing he is the best depth piece on the team and could be for a long time. For me, it’s a fourth-round pick or a young player in the same situation as Crosby.

With these proposed trades, I found a few teams who could give that up…

Trade #1

Right tackle Jawaan Taylor has not been what the team has wanted and it could be time to move on. If the Jacksonville Jaguars want to get the most out of rookie quarterback Trevor Lawerence, adding Crosby would help.

Collin Johnson is buried in the depth chart and won’t see a starting job for the Jaguars. They also have two fifth-round picks next year and can afford to give up on one of them. In the Lions’ case, they take a chance on Johnson who’ll compete for an outside receiver job.

At the same time adding to next year’s draft class, where they could end up with 10+ draft selections. The only issue is that Johnson might not be the type of wide receiver Holmes is looking for.

A huge 6-foot-6 frame who can only play on the outside. However looking back on his rookie season, his route running and ability to get separation is uncanny for his size. He might be worth the risk in this case.