The Dan Campbell effect is making a difference this offseason

Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)
Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images) /
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Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Biting knee caps off has become a thing

When Dan Campbell was introduced back on January 22nd, he immediately identified himself as different from not only the coaches who had proceeded him in Detroit but most professional head coaches period.

Campbell’s 20-minute opening statement and 45 minutes of answering questions all while exemplifying both the Marlboro man and the Big Lebowski became the rage of the nation.

Suddenly biting knee caps off became a thing.

Outside of Detroit, this was branded another poor hire by an infamously bad franchise. It would only be a matter of time before Campbell would be forgotten.

But in the Motor City with fans and the players alike, Campbell’s words resonated within their breasts. Fans felt a rush of adrenaline and wanted to suit up just to run through a brick wall for Campbell.

It didn’t stop there though. The players that Campbell reached out to became enthusiastic. He had a way of connecting not only with the fan base of Detroit but with the players as well.

One insider who was well aware of who Dan Campbell was said that quality coaches would want to flock to Detroit to be on his staff.

Today the buzz around the league has been wondering how a meathead like Campbell could assemble such an impressive staff. Because it has been widely admitted that Campbell has put together a very enviable group of assistants.

Assistants who are given a voice by Campbell and who are building chemistry amongst themselves. Campbell admits that as he walks the halls in Allen Park he hears his assistants laughing and cutting it up, then five minutes later they’re grinding away or having meetings and getting after it.

After the national media had dismissed Campbell as a knee cap biting meathead, much to their surprise, he has put together a staff most head coaches would envy. He has created a positive attitude and camaraderie among his staff and opened the door to a positive work environment for his assistants and players.

All that’s left is how the players will buy in.