Detroit Lions draft: QB or not QB, that is the question

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Trey Lance, North Dakota State (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Trey Lance, North Dakota State (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /

What will Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell decide?

So while much was said by Brad Holmes, nothing concrete was revealed. Regardless of what move he would like to make and preparing his backup plans just in case, he has played his hand well by leaving a definite trace of interest in the quarterbacks on the board while giving nothing away.

With no Combine this year, the next step will be free agency, then of course the draft will roll around in April.

However, there is one other step that could take place. If Holmes and Campbell are sold on Goff, they may extend his contract. If that is the case, then instead of being able to pull the plug after the 2022 season without any financial ramifications, that would almost guarantee that Jared Goff would be considered the Lions’ long-term solution.

And the Lions’ salary cap would reflect this.

So what will Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell decide? Who will the Lions’ quarterback of the future be? Quite frankly, based on how Holmes played his hand, he has left the door open to go any direction he likes.

The only thing that matters to Lions fans is that Holmes makes the right decision.

If Trey Lance or Justin Fields were to be ignored by the Lions at number seven and they became franchise quarterbacks, then there will be a lot to answer to. In other cities where they run their NFL teams like a sports business, that would often cost people their jobs.

The Lions are not expected to do much this fall, especially given that it’s the first year of a rebuild, regardless of what Brad Holmes likes to call it. Not every hole will be filled in one offseason. So while key building blocks are essential for becoming competitive down the road, if there was ever a good time to take a quarterback and let him be groomed behind a veteran, this is it.

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Will the Lions select a quarterback? Unlike what Mel Kiper believes, this is the perfect time to do so with low expectations on the horizon this fall. If I’m guessing, I believe Brad Holmes will not pass on a quarterback unless the ‘flavors’ he is sold on are off the board.