Lions seeking more than GM and head coach, also an identity

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Louis Riddick, Detroit Lions
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Get the right advice from the right sources

I also understand that the great majority of Lions fans are concerned about Sheila Ford Hamp hiring the right people to turn this franchise around. There seems to be even more concern about Sheila’s willingness to seek advice from the NFL and independent resources.

I guess the question that begs to be asked is this; do you trust Sheila to hire the right general manager to lead this team on her own?

If the answer was anywhere between ‘no’ and ‘are you kidding?’, then we should all be happy that Sheila is willing to seek advice from other sources. If you believe that the answer is the obvious one you think it should be, you need to remember that as individuals we all see things differently and many fans who disagree on who should be hired think their answer is just as obvious.

The fact that Sheila is very conscious of the fact that her family has never gotten that part of the equation right, is actually good self-awareness. It may not demonstrate the decisiveness we would like her to show, but if she gets this next hire right, do we care how she comes to the conclusion that leads to it?

Sheila Ford Hamp may be uncertain as to what direction is the best to go, but if she seeks out the right help, then she can still hit a home run and perhaps finally lay the Ford family curse, I mean, Bobby Layne curse to rest.

Let’s be honest, not all the advice Sheila will get will be good. Just about every source that she will be getting recommendations from will have their own itinerary. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any good advice like Ed Dodds of the Colts, Mike Borgonzi from the Chiefs or even former Pro Scout turned ESPN analyst Louis Riddick.

Perhaps the best thing Sheila could do is to seek out her dream hires and see what they have to say.