Detroit Lions: 10 observations as the Lions finally win again at home

D'Andre Swift #32 of the Detroit Lions (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
D'Andre Swift #32 of the Detroit Lions (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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Desmond Trufant, Detroit Lions
Desmond Trufant, Detroit Lions (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

8. Did the Detroit Lions dodge a bullet by missing out on Chase Young?

Jeff Okudah is getting his share of criticism, but that’s not to say he’s the only highly-touted rookie struggling defensively. If the Lions saw an accurate glimpse of what they’re missing out with Chase Young, the answer is not all that much.

Picked one spot before Okudah, the beast pass rusher that many in Detroit were clamoring for pre-draft had a minimal impact on the game (except for a critical roughing the passer on Stafford in the final seconds that helped Detroit into FG range).

Over the past two months, Young has logged just one sack and only a few QB hits for Washington, hardly the Nick Bosa repeat performance that many expected from this year’s No. 2 overall pick.

9. That pass interference call on Trufant was garbage.

I don’t like to cry over ref calls, but the phantom P.I. call on Desmond Trufant on Washington’s final drive was terrible and obvious. Trufant knew it was bad, so did the broadcast team, and even rules expert Mike Pereira agreed.

The Lions defense made a rare stop on 4th and four, and that game was signed, sealed, delivered, and over before that garbage interference call extended it. It was great to see the Lions play through that one and still find a way to win. Like everything else in the final furious moments of that game though, it really shouldn’t have been necessary.

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10. There’s just no such thing as an easy Sunday with these guys.

Sure, games like this one are the ones you remember. Watching Stafford lead his 37th career game-winning drive (this edition being done in two separate parts) was fun. Matt Prater from 50+ with the game on the line? What more can you ask for, the guy is a kicking legend. But wouldn’t it be nice to ride one of these fast starts all the way to a forgettably easy blowout win from time to time?