Detroit Lions: Best case scenarios for each offensive rookie

D'Andre Swift, Detroit Lions (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
D'Andre Swift, Detroit Lions (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Hunter Bryant, NFL Combine
Hunter Bryant, NFL Combine (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Undrafted, but intriguing

Hunter Bryant

6-2, 239 pound tight end from the University of Washington

Leading into the draft, Bryant was thought to be a second or third round talent, but draft weekend passed and Bryant’s name was never called.

Detroit quickly scooped him up as an undrafted free agent. With questions still remaining at the tight end position despite heavy investment a year ago, Bryant will enter camp as a virtually no risk, potentially very high reward prospect.

Another interesting storyline will be whether Bryant’s receiving ability (consensus was he had some of the best hands in the draft for any tight end) will warrant consideration for something of a hybrid TE/WR role.

Best Case for 2020: If the under-performance of Jesse James continues into this season, no one stands to gain more than Hunter Bryant, who presumably will have a massive chip on his shoulder and be looking to make a lot of GM looks stupid. Remember Joseph Fauria’s unexpected (although short lived) turn as an undrafted red zone ace in 2013?

Likely Role: Everything I’ve seen and read on Hunter Bryant suggests that he’s not your typical undrafted free agent. Whether he bulks up enough to become a true tight end, or runs quick and crisp enough routes to get separation as a big slot receiver, Bryant could very well have a part to play on this year’s offense.

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Players who will be watching over their shoulders for how Bryant performs at training camp: Isaac Nauta, Quintez Cephus, Chris Lacy, maybe Nick Bawden (to me, he seems like such an outlier on this offense).