Detroit Lions Top GM Candidates

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Sheldon White

Current job: Interim General Manager, Detroit Lions

Why he fits: White has served in all sorts of football capacities in almost 20 years in the NFL. He has been everything from a scouting service rep to Director of Player Personnel, working under several different management regimes and styles.

He played in the league for several years, an advantage in relating to players. His college degree is in business and he has several post-graduate business honors.

All of his NFL management experience has been with the Lions, so he uniquely understands the ins and outs of the organization and how imperative it is to create a winner to reward the long-suffering fans.

He does have ties with Saints coach Sean Payton, who reportedly will be available as an attractive potential new head coach this offseason.

Hangups: All of his NFL management experience has been with the Lions. He actually pre-dates the Matt Millen era. For all the legitimate respect he gets in league circles, in Detroit he embodies the ghosts of failures past.

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