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Seventh Round

Sioasi Aiono, Center, Utah

Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With so much uncertainty going forward on the offensive line, it cannot hurt to add another big body to the mix. And Sioasi Aiono is one big body.

The redshirt senior hits the scales at about 310 pounds, and much of his bulk is functionally strong. Aiono delivers a jolting initial punch and can create real movement in the run game.

He’s also a highly respected leader on both the field and in the locker room. His work behind the scenes helps pave the way for the Utes to such a prominent start to the season, as noted in the Salt Lake Tribune:

"A lot of that confidence comes from Aiono, who teammates say is tireless in the film room. He doesn’t dedicate a specific number of hours per se, just until “I feel comfortable.” He reviews full games, then specific plays that Utah might run, how teams react, what personnel they’ll use, and on and on."

Aiono has the potential to emerge as a quality interior reserve, but he also moves and sees the field well enough to serve as a jumbo package fullback or an extra blocker on the edge.