Five Detroit Lions Takeaways from the win over Chicago

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Joe Lombardi belongs upstairs

The biggest change from the prior, depressing status quo was the decision by Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi to sit upstairs in the team coaching box instead of the sideline.

The result might be coincidental. As Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported on the issue,

"“I didn’t even notice (Lombardi was in the box) until late in the game,” receiver Lance Moore said. “It’s funny because that’s something that you guys will make a big deal about, but I didn’t notice it. It worked, so we’ll probably keep doing it.”"

Well, Mr. Moore, many do indeed think it was a big deal. The Lions offense played looser and more unpredictably with Lombardi not looming on the sideline. Perhaps the elevated position allowed the embattled OC a better view of the defensive scheme and personnel, or on a more focused plan of attack that took the flow of the game into account.

Chicago’s defense is not good, and that must be weighed into any proper evaluation of Detroit’s offensive output. But it is undeniable the Lions offense roared to life against the Bears. Lombardi should stay in the box and off the sidelines.