Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 4

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Stock Down: Team Health

Limping away from a win is preferable to walking away from a loss.  Limping away from a loss isn’t preferable to anything.  The Detroit Lions lost Tyrunn Walker to some vicious low blocking from the Seahawks which would have been a notable loss on its own.  The versatile Walker has been a stronger force in the middle than he’s given credit for and his loss will likely be felt immediately.  In fact, one of the lowest graded players for the Lions was Caraun Reid, who came in for the injured Walker, despite a scoop and carry for a touchdown. On that note, Andre Fluellen returns to Detroit.

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The team also lost

Haloti Ngata

for an undisclosed amount of time.  He hasn’t picked up the stats, but Ngata has been a big reason the Detroit Lions run defense is still a formidable force.  On the offensive side of the ball, the team lost

Eric Ebron

for an unknown period of time (believed to be in the 1-3 week range).  Ebron is a divisive figure for Detroit Lions fans, but if you think his loss won’t be that big of a deal you haven’t been paying attention the last four weeks.

In addition to those three going down, the team also saw Jason Jones, Darius Slay, Ziggy Ansah, and other players get dinged up.  None left the game permanently, thankfully, but any injuries that could lead to an impact on the field.  The Detroit Lions biggest issue for the roster is depth, not lack of talent, so losing any starter is a big deal.  The team just lost one for the season and two more for who knows how long?  

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