Who’s to blame for the Detroit Lions slow start?

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On paper, this is one of the most talented Detroit Lions team this city has seen in many years.

Now, the hard part is getting it all to gel. I think if you take all of the points I have touched on, can improve upon them, and make everything work together, you will have one powerful team. That is what the coaches are paid to do. And I firmly believe that is what the coaches are working towards doing.

It’s easy to watch it on tv and say “Oh Stafford is a bum” or “Fire Joe Lombardi”. Armchair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen, and they are everywhere. I get it, it’s been a very long time since any of us has seen any playoff success out of this team. Trust me, I am one of them who also gets frustrated and emotional about it at times. But let’s all remember, we aren’t the ones being paid all of this money to run a team. There is more to a game than what you see on TV or watch in person as you attend the games.

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I understand how frustrating it is to see so much promise in a team and not see them perform up to their potential. But dogging the team and abandoning them isn’t going to help any situations.

During my time just observing the boards, I see people personally attacking each other because they don’t agree. It’s times like these that bring out the worst in people, and we as fans have to remember who our team is. We ride and die with this team. Many of us went through the 0-16 a season. Many of us remember when we had our last playoff victory. We see what this team has potential to do. It’s time for us as fans to rise up, give the team the support they need and have some trust in the coaching staff that they will iron out all of the kinks instead of spreading negativity and hate towards players and each other.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, there is no doubt about that. That’s what makes this country so great. But let’s not forget the one thing that brings us all together, and that is the Detroit Lions football team. We are all fans. We are passionate. Let’s not let the bad times turn us against each other. Let’s rise up to the occasion, show this team the support they need, and help get them headed back in the right direction.

With that being said, bring on the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Let’s show them what it’s like to come into our house and take a beating.

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