2015 Detroit Lions: A Cynic’s View

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They Drafted Another 1st Round Bust

I think we can all agree that Eric Ebron is a colossal bust.  I mean, they drafted him in the top 10 and he couldn’t even post a top ten receiving season? If you’re going to pick up a tight end in the first round, they better be the best at their position in year one or what was the point?  That pick is made even worse by the fact they picked another bust in the 2015 draft.

Laken Tomlinson?  A guard in the 1st round?  What were they thinking?  If you’re picking a guard in the first round, it had better be one that can take over and start week one.  What do we get instead?  Lackluster play in the preseason followed by Manny “ManRam” Ramirez starting week one.  We’re seriously regressing to our 2008 offensive line, people.  We’ve already got Jeff Backus 2.0 starting at left tackle, so why not bring back Ramirez to start permanently?

The Detroit Lions will never get better if they keep flubbing the first round.  It is statistically the easiest round to hit on, yet they keep taking projects like Ebron or ‘safe’ picks like Reiff or Tomlinson.  Sure, there’s the occasional hit, but hey, any blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes, right?  Tomlinson is going to ride the bench for this Detroit Lions team and watch them lose. If he does eventually start, just remember that he lost out to Manny Ramirez, ought to get your confidence up.  If you thought this 1st round pick was going to help, you’ve got another thing coming because…

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