SLR Roundtable: Detroit Lions Roster, Preseason Recap, Predictions

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Aug 20, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Kellen Moore (17) is sacked by Washington Redskins linebacker Houston Bates (45) in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Redskins won 21-17. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

3. Who was the most underwhelming player overall? And will they make the final 53 man roster?

Platte: I know many will say Kellen Moore, but it’s actually been Lance Moore to me. Assumed to be a roster lock, and his lack of playing time against the Bills seems to suggest that, he was terrible in camp, outshine by guys like Jarred Haggins and Vernon Johnson. He only played two games in the preseason, made a couple of easy catches where he wasn’t asked to do much, then left the field. He has done nothing to earn a roster spot, but with as poor of a playcalling as Joe Lombardi is he will probably keep him around, inactive on game days.

Stahl: Larry Webster. I think the Lions keep 5 DEs. Ansah, Jones, Tapp, Taylor and Hunt.

Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Mac: Cornelius Lucas was the most underwhelming player I watched this preseason. On Facebook, I used the word ‘finesse’ to describe Lucas because of his style of play. Lucas doesn’t have a violent punch, he doesn’t look to finish his blocks and worse, he showed poor recognition of the line games teams used to confuse protection. Lucas fits the Lions’ profile for an offensive tackle and with the trade of Michael William he is probably a lock to make the team. Still, I expected more development from Lucas than I saw this preseason.

DeGain: The most underwhelming player to me, which I was always onboard with, was Kellen Moore. It seems like he struggles to get a pass more than 6-7 yards down the field with any accuracy. I honestly don’t think he will make the cut.

Payton: It has to be Kellen Moore. After an offseason full of talk about Moore stepping up to take the backup spot from Orlovsky, Moore was incredibly underwhelming both in camp and in preseason. At this point, if it comes down to Moore and Someone the staff loves, Moore might be the odd man out.

Williams: Again, there appears an obvious answer, which is Kellen Moore. Local writers and media members hyped him up — and for good reason. Head coach Jim Caldwell and Co. essentially said, “Here Kellen, the No. 2 quarterback job is yours! Go get it!” In the end, the outcome was disappointing to say the least. In the end, Moore is gone after two seasons too many in the Motor City.

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