Special Teams Issues a Concern as Padded Camp Opens

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Photo by Dona Keast

Quick Hits

For a segment I’ve carried over since I started covering Detroit Lions training camp, here are some quick hits:

  • Isaiah Johnson likes to hit people.  Teryl Austin likes safeties who like to hit people.
  • People who hated the Ebron pick will either eat their words or forget them in 2015.
  • Ameer Abdullah will start sooner than I thought.  Maybe every game.
  • Caraun Reid had the only sack that I saw in drills.  If there were more I missed them.
  • I didn’t see any notable drops today.  Maybe I missed them if they happened, but good sign.
  • Desmond Martin is at the bottom of the depth chart at RB and on ST.
  • Andrew Peacock improved from last season, dark horse for a roster spot.
  • Casey Pierce and Jordan Thompson didn’t impress. TE depth chart unchanged.
  • Darius Slay probably leapfrogged Mathis.  For DBs, might be best on the roster.
  • Michael Burton will be as active in the passing game as he is in the run game.
  • Starting interior OL was Tomlinson, Swanson, Warford.  Likely to remain that.
  • Ameer Abdullah is really good.  Did I mention that before?  Whatever, here it is again.
  • That Calvin Johnson guy is really good. He might latch on this season.
  • Kyle Brindza is listed as a K/P.  He’s a Kicker.  They’re using him to punt.  *Shrugs*

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