The Case for Eric Ebron Part 2: Film Review

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Overall, Eric Ebron had a reasonably successful rookie year. He improved in every facet of his game and showed where he can be effective in the NFL. He is a perfect fit for the Lions short area passing game and can be a valuable weapon on third down or short yard situations. He vastly improved his blocking as the season progressed and showed the ability to be an all around tight end. However the drop concerns are warranted, he has questionable hand strength and numerous concentration drops. The Lions wont throw him into contested situations often but if he wants to become a complete weapon and earn Matthew Stafford’s complete trust he needs to vastly improve in this area.

Lions fans should be optimistic about his outlook going into the 2015 season, he has the potential to be a top 5 tight end in the NFL and should be in a very beneficial situation next year with defenses focusing mostly on Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. He has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove all the people who called him a bust wrong. Only time will tell but all signs point towards him having a huge sophomore season.

Hopefully, this article gave you a good understanding of what Eric Ebron did last season. What do you think Ebron will do next season? Did this article change your opinion at all? Leave your comments below!

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