Behind Enemy Lines: An NFC North Round Table

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How would you power rank the NFC North today?

Dec 21, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) warms up before facing the Tampa Payt

Payton, SLR:

1. Packers, 2.Lions, 3.Vikings, 4. Bears. I think the division will once again come down to the Lions and Packers. The Bears will likely struggle again in 2015, but continue to build. The Vikings are an enigma to me. I have a hard time believing a team that couldn’t beat a winning team in 2014 will rise to the top of the division. In 2016, this will be a scary team.

Schmelzer, BGO:

Packers, Vikings, Lions and Bears in that order. I think Green Bay is the class of the division, but it is not like they are unbeatable. I would not be shocked to see somebody knock them off, but I am not counting on it.

The Vikings and Lions are very close in my opinion, but I give the edge to Minnesota based on my expected breakout season from Bridgewater and the return of Peterson. I also really liked what the Vikings did for their defense in the draft.

The Bears are going to fight and claw, but this transition season is likely to end with them not being factors in the NFC North.

Zinski, TVA:

1. Packers, 2.Vikings, 3.Lions, 4.Bears

Rivard, LA:

1. Packers, 2. Vikings, 3. Lions, 4. Bears.

A special thanks to Dan Schmelzer, Dan Zinski and Raymond Rivard for participating today. Be on the lookout for SideLion Report’s next NFC North piece next week.