2016 NFL Draft Watch: Part Two

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Dak Prescott, Quarterback, Mississippi State
6’1″, 230 lbs.

The 2016 NFL draft is going to have a far stronger QB class than the 2015 draft did, even if just by how weak this past year’s class was.  Despite that, not everyone is going to be a superstar and Dak Prescott is the kind of guy that will get unending hype then will see himself remaining undrafted as day 3 of the draft is wearing on.

Right now, Dak Prescott is in a three-way battle with Ole Miss’ Bo Wallace and Stanford’s Kevin Hogan for the worst QB of this draft class.  Unlike the other two, Prescott has some redeeming factors that make him at least draftable.  Prescott’s stout build and frame make him an ideal candidate for a position switch, most likely to running back but his field vision when running is good enough that he could see time as a receiver if he fights for it.

With it becoming more and more common for college quarterbacks to switch up positions at the pro level, this is a good possibility for the Detroit Lions to groom someone from the 2016 NFL draft to take over at a position of some depth.  It wouldn’t be any more risk than other late round draft choices, and if Dak Prescott can fit in the locker room he could be a developmental pick in 2016.

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