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2016 NFL Draft Watch: Part Two

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Shawn Oakman, Defensive Tackle/End, Baylor
6’8″, 278 lbs.

Few players can claim to be as good of athletic specimens as Shawn Oakman can.  Seriously, just look at that picture above.  That’s a grown offensive lineman looking tiny compared to Oakman.  He’s a huge, athletic monster, who at one point even had his own meme just because of how crazy he looks. Surely this is a guy we’re going to be talking about in the top of the first round, Mario Edwards and Jadeveon Clowney style, right?

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Oh, I’m sure there will be talk.  The tape tells a different story, however, and that athleticism he shows off is generally just that, for show.  Oakman recently received a second round grade and frankly, that’s probably entirely based on athletic potential since his tape doesn’t put him anywhere near the first two rounds.  Oakman has the size, strength, and speed that coaches love, and someone is going to draft him higher than he probably should be.

The Detroit Lions are in need of defensive line help.  They’ll be needing a defensive tackle to take over for Haloti Ngata, but they’ll also be needing a defensive end to pair up with Ziggy Ansah.  Jason Jones clearly isn’t the answer and as of this moment I’m not confident Devin Taylor or Larry Webster are either.  Oakman will likely be over-drafted, but if he isn’t and the Lions can find value for him or if he takes some serious steps forward in 2015, he could be in Honolulu Blue.

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